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Ashdown MAG Bass Rig 400


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Ashdown MAG Bass Rig


Over 700 worth of amplification and accesories for sale at 400. Every item is in great A+ condition. The amp works fantastically and sounds great. It is very versatile.

Good oppertunity here to get a hold of a complete rig with some great accesories. It is the perfect amp for the bassist who needs something strong and reliable to take to gigs or on the road.


It has been gigged a couple of times but is always taken care of. It arrives in the rack and vinyl cover and is always unloaded by myself.

Reason for Sale

I need the money to fund my car as it needs a new Quaife differential. I don't really want to part with the amplifier but needs must.

Price & Purchasing

As I've said before the complete rig is for sale @ 400

If you are interested please reply here or email me: cold_spoon@hotmail.com


I can deliver anywhere in the N.E of Scotland. I might even go as far as Dundee/Elgin for the right money (cost of petrol). Alternatively it can be picked up from Aberdeen or Portlethen.

Ashdown MAG300R Amplifier

Cost 300 when new.

  • 307 Watts
  • Rack Mounted
  • 5 Band EQ Section
  • Subharmonic Gernerator
  • Active/passive Inputs
  • Many more features...

All the information on this amplifier can be found here: Amplifier Information


Ashdown 410T Deep 4x10" Cabinet

Cost 300 when new.

  • 450 Watts
  • 4 x 10" Ashdown Blueline Speakers
  • Tough carpeted finish

All the information on this cabinet can be found here: Cabinet Information


Flightcase Ware House Rack

Cost 110 when new.

3U Rack with front & back rails. Front and rear pannels are removeable and come with strong locks. There is one heavy duty carry handle. The amplifier takes up two spaces, the third is taken up by a dummy vent. This was 10 new.


Ashdown Vinyl Cabinet Cover

Cost 35.00 when new.

Always used when the amplifer has been moved or left standing. Only comes off when it is time to play.


I've advertised it on some other forums so please if you are interested get in contact!

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This must be some fucking car Tav!

What's next?

A kidney :laughing:

Good luck with the sale.

Just everything surplus to requirements these days is getting moved on. It's more amp than I need.

...and yes it is some car!

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tbh 400 is quite a good price for that i suppose. still, it is def not a flexible amp

It's pretty flexible...played many styles of music with it and it's pulled them all off well. Has really good head room and always provides strong clean sounds. Doesn't do AMEG growl without the aid of a distortion pedal..but hey...what does...

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