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[GIG] imp present: Sandro Perri plays Polmo Polpo + Mantler @ The Tunnels 2

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interesting music promotions present:


The Tunnels Room 2, Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, AB10 1BF. (01224) 211121

Wednesday 30th May / Doors 8pm / Entry 6 / 3 for mailing listers




Sandro Perri is a musician best known for his work as Polmo Polpo, often associated with Canadian post-rock / avant garde labels such as Constellation, Alien8, and Intr-Version.

He connects the dots between pop, minimalism, dance, drone and noise as Polmo Polpo, and his recent Glissandro 70 collaboration injected a twisted playfulness into the mix. Adding to that a 4-year stint with Canada's folk troubadours Great Lake Swimmers and a recent remix for Stephen Malkmus, he has treaded a unique path through some vastly different musical territories.

For his upcoming European tour, he will be perform vocal driven songs in a new project headed under his own name, in support of his recent Sandro Perri Plays Polmo Polpo disc (Constellation). He will be joined by a trio of Toronto-based "out music" improvisers, consisting of various combinations of euphonium, synthesizer, trumpet, trombone, flute, bass, guitar and drums.



http://www.southern.com/southern/band/PERRI/sounds/CST42-05-Circles.mp3 listen to circles


Originally a home-recording project, Mantler (Chris A. Cummings) has recently become a regular presence on the Toronto live music scene. Playing an electric piano rescued from the garbage and singing songs in

spired by the varied likes of Curtis Mayfield, Antonio Carlos Jobim and the Beach Boys, Mantler's live performances have made him many fans among Toronto's musical community.

Mantler's songs began as looser affairs - two of the six songs on 2000's DOIN' IT ALL (on James Duncan's US-based Le Systeme label) are over ten minutes long - becoming shorter and tighter over time, beginning with 2002's SADISFACTION, the first Mantler album to be released by Germany's Tomlab. On LANDAU (2004), the majority of the songs were less than three minutes long, and packed with as many chords changes as possible. LANDAU marked Mantler's first usage of programmed beats and interlocking parts, and was also the first Mantler album to be completely produced by longtime associate Zack G.

In recent live performances - including a short European tour in late 2004 - the lushness of the recorded albums is stripped away to showcase the stark simplicity of the songs as "songs", without countermelodies and drum parts.



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fan review from earlier this tour...


Last night I saw Sandro Perri and his band play a half-full club in Berlin, and simply put, it was beautiful. Beautiful. In fact, I couldn't remember the last time I saw anything like it. The whole performance was based on the fact that the beauty was built and ingrained deep into the songs, so it didn't matter that the crowd was subdued, or that the place was quiet, or that it was the first Berlin concert I'd ever been to alone.

The gig opened with a solo version of 'Dreaming' which, apart from being my favourite song at the moment, is surely the greatest mostly-one-chord song ever. After that fine opening the night grew and grew, with bass played on wires and boxes, vocals that soared and swelled and many nimble songs, one after another. Excellent support act Mantler was also brought in to lend some soul to the wondrous mixture of sounds.

Afterwards, I was lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of the tour-only EP, a handmade CD-R affair apparently limited to 200 copies, which is at least as good as the album, and features a gorgeous cover version of Fleetwood Mac's 'Dreams' - one of my favourite songs, and something which was beautifully rendered as an encore by Sandro solo. As if you needed another reason to see a band this good.

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Sandro Perri Connections =


Alien 8


Great Lake Swimmers (ex member)


Stephen Malkmus (remixer)

special & we have blue skies

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