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Does anyone know or have experience aplying for funding in relation to arts projects. I have fired off a few emails to the Council but fully expect them to take their time responding! Any other local sources that people are aware of?


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Thanks Chris.

Twojoe, any help/suggestions would be magic


I can help signpost but I'm out of office at the moment and not in Adviser mode so go hang.

Just kidding

Go to our site at the link above and find the 'business development maps' section, under resources, there you will find a whole host of links to various bodies that possibly can help. Depends on the nature of your project. SAC is the best bet for starters though.

PM me

Our organisation is and should be the first port of call for any queries like this, we are also unique in this field. We provide free advice and information and workshops and this can be very in-depth depending on the needs. So to flag wave once again, anyone that has a query or seeking advice on living making and working in their creative practice should simply use and abuse us, seriously, we are here to help... Music, art, design, performance, etc etc etc etc


Aberdeenshire - Making Applications and Proposals

28 April 2007 CEO logo

A practical workshop for individuals, working in any artform, on making applications and proposals for funding, commissions and residencies.

The session will cover planning and structuring your approach with the key information you need to convey in your application. We will also discuss what funders and commissioners are looking for and the materials needed to support your proposal.

Please not the below

I know it's in Inverurie, there will be one in Aberdeen sometime in the future but supply on demand and all that. We Aberdonian's tend to be a lacklustre bunch at times. All of our workshops are generally over subscrided in the rest of the country...

The workshop is free but places are limited. To reserve a place, please email events@culturalenterpriseoffice.co.uk or call 0844 544 9990.

"Excellent presentation - offered help on structuring through the panic."


Kintore Arms Hotel, 83 High Street, Inverurie, AB51 3QJ


Cultural Enterprise Office

Glasgow Office



G2 3JD


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