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Deviltrain Tracks (Nae pun intended)

Larry the Larynx

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The Deviltrain is gathering some speed!!

Couple of gigs coming up 14th April @ LT rootin tootin aboot thingy, 15th April supporting the mighty Peatbog Faeries at Drummonds, 2nd June Feein Market in Stoney

Gonna lend yer lugs to some tunes on www.myspace.com/detrendiablo and let us ken fit ye hink?


Also keen to hear of non serious topics to write about!!!

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Mare Deviltrain Tracks

No long finished in the studio again and have posted some new stuff on the myspace site.

We've had some excellent gigs and feed back since the last post

In the coming months watch out for the following gigs

Stonehaven Folk Festival Saturday the 7th of July (95% confirmed negotiating the amount of sets)

Silver Bullet Club (Tunnels) 3rd of August

A couple more in the pipeline

For the new tunes www.myspace.com/detrendiablo

For the recent pics Deviltrain_photos - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


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