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  1. Hi folks Looking for hard bass drum cases, do you have any lying around you are not needing or know anyone thats selling? Let me know Scottie
  2. Ive got to say, the ginger heeded, podgy guy in the kilt at the crossroads on Union Terrace playing the pipes is the worst piper Ive ever heard. There should be a law prohibitting such noise. However that said, I take my Glengarry off to him, he's got nerve, oot in all weathers and gets away with it. Aberdeen Cooncil should set up a scheme like the London underground where licences are given out to decent performers. Ok perhaps not Aberdeen cooncil as they dinnae have a good track record of their own performance Larry
  3. If you pm me your contact details, the more the merrier and any thoughts would be appreciated cheers scottie
  4. Im co organising the above event.... Im looking initially for as many street performers as possible to take part. The idea is that its going to be a celebration and recognition of the efforts of the forgotten heroes working in the voluntary/ charitable and third sector starting off with a significant street parade/ carnival all ages/ all groups down from Harlaw Academy, Union Street to the Castlegate and the hope is there will be open space venues with entertainment for all and free. If anyone is interested, know of good street performers, dancers, jugglers, pipers, magicians get in touch more info can be found at Celebrate Aberdeen - A City That Cares also considering putting on some gigs across various venues that night too get in touch if interested or know someone that might be Scottie
  5. Looking to start up a Showaddaywaddy Tribute band!!!! Already got a drummer, bass, guitar Will need a sax, lead guitar, couple of backing vocals, some shoowappers and finger clicks Oh and teddy boy suits Larry
  6. Removed as not wanting to upset, but your blurb didnt mention actual print, but hey thats what I get for trying to be helpful
  7. and what is the relevance????????(
  8. have you tried Iceberg Arts they done our CD covers excellent quality and cheap as chips, really band friendly too MySpace.com - Iceberg Arts - 41 - Male - UK - www.myspace.com/icebergarts
  9. Hiya Having to compere a music night this Friday!!!, wondering if anyone has any basic lights they could let me borrow (will pay a small charge for) or perhaps sell if the price is right? Larry
  10. Well I never Deviltrain is number 2 out of the 5 events recommended by the Evening Express for this weekend. Sadly beaten from the number 1 spot by a darts night but managed to beat the Christmas Tree Lights Switch on!!!!! So if you trust whats in the papers come along tonight to The Tunnels Doors 8pm 4 If you dont trust the papers come along anyway!
  11. Apologies yer lardship! Sorry for not being as long winded as you hee hee and I assume you were trying to spell psychodelic were you, if so which somg is that in? psycho-eccentric perhaps or cyclepathic
  12. After a great year appearing at the likes of Belladrum, Yellows on the Broom, Wizard, Feughfest etc as well as supporting the mighty Hayseed Dixie, Deviltrain will be launching their debut album "Tracks From Hell" on Saturday 29th of November at the Tunnels. They will also be unveiling their new secret weapon. Great support is being provided by the Oxbow Lake Orchestra and the Woodland Roots Orchestra. Both bringing excellent their own brands of roots, funk, reggae and acoustic music. There will be merch and gifts on the night Also for a flavour of things to come check out their new single 'Police Chief Superintendent' on their myspace MySpace.com - Deviltrain - Aberdeen, UK - Roots Music / Folk Rock / Acoustic - www.myspace.com/detrendiablo and check out their new webist Welcome to Deviltrain... Doors 8pm Admission 4
  13. Paul Barrere and Fred Tackett(The Little Feat Guitar Duo) As part of their final tour to come to Scotland, Paul and Fred will be playing at the Tunnels on the 6th of December, Admission 15. This is your last chance to see this magnificant duo, looks like its going to be well attended so better get your tickets fast, (One Up)
  14. Folks As part of the Belladrum Tartan Heart Fringe Festival, The Lorelei, James Brown Is Annie, Lou Vargo, Ruby & The Emeralds, Oxbow Lake Orchestra & the Woodland Orchestra will be performing. Tickets will be on sale on the night. The event will be taking place in the Newburgh Village Hall, Main Street Newburgh at 6pm 2nd of August. There will be a bar and food. Tickets can be bought in advance from the cost cutter in Newburgh. A Bargain at $10 More details can be found on MySpace.com - village sunsets - aberdeenshire, UK - www.myspace.com/villagesunsets
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