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Utter Shite.

Prime-time Saturday night and they come up with something so infantile that it should be on CBBC, right after Tracey Beaker :swearing:

They've gone down the dumbass American "cheerleaders and male models save the world" route with a cast of talentless cunts from the Speak Your Weight Machine School Of Acting

Dreadful dialogue, shite FX, and a cast of shiny silicon tits and 6-packs who's entire range of emotions consists of "concerned" looks.

What a waste of Dougie Henshalls time.


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i watched the first one and thought it was terrible - a sad pathetic attempt by ITV to do a doctor who type sci fi series on a sat nite - didnt bother watching tonight. and the main guy did some of the most wooden acting seen on a television screen in years.

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