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The Day The Country Died anarcho-punk fest Glasgow Oct. 15th

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Now confirmed line up:

Inner Terrestrials


Icon A.D.

Oi Polloi


Constant Fear


Guns On The Roof


Down To Kill


Bad Influence


Fire Exit

Acid Tongue


The Dragged


Rockers Glasgow Oct. 15th

12 noon til 3am

£8 at door.

All monies raised will be used to meet Conflict man Paco's medical expenses.


And the event will also include a screening of The Day The Country Died. See below for details.

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Folks may also wanna check out Terrorizer man Ian Glasper's book of the same name - The Day The Country Died: The History of Anarcho Punk 1980-1984 published through Cherry Red October. DVD comin' your way soon too. http://www.toxicwastebelfast.co.uk/video.htm

And if that floats yer boat, then pick up a copy of George Berger's The Story Of Crass too. Check it out here: http://www.myspace.com/crass_the_biography

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And, to coincide with the publication of Ian Glasper's The Day The Country Died, the folks at Overground Records will release the fourth, and sadly final instalment in the awesome anarcho punk CD comp. series. Called Anti-Capitalism, with sleevenotes by Crass man Penny Rimbaud, it includes, as well as a host of tracks by such anarcho punk luminaries as Conflict, Antisect, Rudimentary Peni, Danbert Nobacon, and Culture Shock, a previously unavailable version of Crass' What Do You Want.

Details here: http://www.voiceprint.co.uk/web/Release/OVER111VPCD/

And check out the other three CD releases in the series here:




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Should say that you ensure you make it along early. As anyone who has been to Rockers will know, it is a relatively small venue so has a limited capacity. I caught Liberty and ex-Riot/Clone folks Refuse/All there Dec. last year.

The show has been put together by Toxic Waste man Roy with more bands still to be confirmed.

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Inner Terrestrials now thats more like it! Amazing band one of the highlights of my summer was seeing them at Derby Punx Picnic.

You sure Oi Polloi are doing this, i heard Ricki was away at the time and so they couldn't make it???

I was puzzled by this too as I'd been led to believe that OP couldn't make the show.

But yeah, Inner Terrestrials are just great. Been lucky to catch 'em four times - with Ex-Cathedra and Citizen Fish London '97, with Conflict, Subhumans, Icons Of Filth, Lost Cherrees, Disorder, Anti-Flag, Headjam and more London '03, and Oct. last year with The Restarts, Dread Messiah and more at Okupational Hazard 4. Awesome awesome band. Folks should go pick up a copy of their full length X, and if that floats yer boat you may also wanna check out Suicide Bid. IT frontman J is kickin' up a storm with those guys too. http://www.myspace.com/suicidebid And, here's a vid from IT:

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You caught the Kylesa show? Man I'm jealous. Posted a thread 'bout it here, but thought no one was interested. How'd it go?
They only played about half an hour, and wasnt many people there. but they were awesome. The 2 drummers was just insanely good. Will hopefully see them again on next tour. Oh, and nic guys (and girl) to boot.
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Cool. But like I said, ain't now gonna go. Just extremely disappointed that Rubella Ballet and Toxic Waste aren't gonna play. But hey, have an awesome time, plus you'll get the opportunity to view The Day The Country Died. Available on DVD soon. And folks, don't forget Ian Glasper's book of the same name. Out very soon too.

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CD comp. Anti-Capitalism pushed its way through my letter box this morning, and wow, is just amazing. Includes, as well as those I already mentioned + many more, a track by the quite wonderful but little known Anarka And Poppy. Worth its purchase alone. Check out the CD here: http://www.overgroundrecords.co.uk/release.asp?Release=OVER111VPCD

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For details of Ian Glasper's book The Day The Country Died - A History Of Anarcho Punk 1980-1984, visit http://www.cherryred.co.uk/books/thedaythecountrydied.htm Yours to buy now.

And for a more detailed overview: http://www.artofthestate.co.uk/Punk_photos/the_day_the_country_died_book.htm With links to some of the featured bands.

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