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Nicky Wire's secret society

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Only click if you are very brave

Out of interest - and bemusement that Nicky Wire is calling his debut album "I killed the Zeitgeist" - I thought I'd have a listen to his non Manics effort. I wish I hadn't now, my ears have been assaulted by his truely awful singing voice and some cringingly bad lyrics.

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I think it's the shambolic nature of his solo stuff that gives it it's charm, I don't think anyone was expecting him to come out with an epic masterpiece.

The videos of his solo shows on You Tube are brilliant, they seem to consist of him necking a bottle of white wine and doing a half gig, half stand-up routine. Even NME gave his live show a good review and they seem to have a go at just about everything related to the Manics nowadays.

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