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Audioslave to do new Bond theme?


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...as reported in a Finnish tabloid -


Here's the translation -

Audioslave singer and songwriter Chris Cornell has made the theme song of the upcoming James Bond movie Casino Royale.

"I have written the new Bond theme song and I will perform it too", Cornell confessed to IS.

Production company hasnt revealed yet the composer of the theme song, but Cornell revealed the thing for the first time while being interviewed by Ilta-Sanomat.

- I havent seen the new Bond fully, because it is still being edited, but I have seen several clips of it. Absolutely amazing movie. Very different than earlier Bonds, said Cornell enthusiastically [sic].

Songs written by Chris Cornell have been heard during the years in several blockbusters as in Singles, Collateral Damage, Great Expectations and True Romance.

Casino Royale premieres in the US in November. Casino Royale is the 21st Bond movie, and it presents as a new James Bond British actor Daniel Craig.

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just heard on Radio 1 that Chris Cornell - not Audioslave' date=' so no Morello riff! - has been confirmed as doing the Bond theme![/quote']

Gah! All my dreams shattered in one go! Never mind. On a serious note I picked up Cornell's solo album for a fiver the other week, and it's very good. Totally different from soundgarden but a good quiet album.

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