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Marky Ramone . Tonight At The Tunnels

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Just Letting Everyone Know That

There Are Still Plenty Of Tickets Left For The Marky Ramone / Anti Product

Gig At The Tunnels Tonight.

Tickets Are Available At 1.up Today Till 5pm ' date=' Then At The Door From 8pm[/quote']

Can you please give a rough indication of stage times for this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Good. No encore though and it didnt quite feel like I was watching a Ramone. Strange choice of songs I felt but at least it wasnt predictable. At times it did feel like a covers band but if you accept it for what it is (as no one is going to see the real Ramones) then it was still really enjoyable. Fuck Off Machete were the highlight of the night for me though...reminded me of Yeah Yeah Yeahs quite a bit though.

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Holy shit' date=' how was good was Fuck Off Machete?[/quote']

Heart. Stop.

Yeh I felt the same about it not feeling like the Ramones as he was just the drummer and you rarely seen him when he was playing. He never really engaged with the fans that much at all. Still, it was good nonetheless.

Fuck Off Machete were damn amazing.

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