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Open Mike?

Guest Zoso

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tunnels used to be a tuesday... not too sure anymore, i know scott ironside hosts it though...

drummonds is a wednesday, at about 10pm onwards (there is a quiz beforehand)

and moorings is a sunday night...


i know you get free beer if you play in the drummonds one... :up:

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I phoned the Tunnels, they are starting a Open Mike Night with kicks off on the 25th July, so it looks like i've a few to choose from!

Thanks again :up:

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The Moorings one is more of an open stage night, as there is a full backline set up and everything is mic'd. The music is pretty varied. We get a bit of everything. Accoustic, folk, jazz, funk, blues, rock, punk, metal, and doom LOL... even a performance poet.

There's an experienced house band that will help plug the gaps in anyone else's line-up.

There is a complete backline and everything is mic'd up and sent through the PA so no problem getting people to pay attention. The monitor setup is also very good so no problem hearing yourself. A sound engineer keeps everything under control.

We even have some house instruments for anyone that is planning getting too drunk to carry their own.

If you go here then you can see some photos specifically relating to the open mic:


Here are some of the better shots...









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