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Bill Ely & the Catnips album released


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"Wings To The Bird, Fangs To The Beast", Bill Ely & the Catnips' debut album, is now available from One Up.

18 studio-recorded tracks of Cajun punk that run the gamut from gutter-tramp knife pop to toxic sub-metal, this is one CD that you will want to listen to again and again. And for just 4, you can.

Every copy has been individually daubed in a unique arrangement of colours by the band. It's a pretty good deal.

For more information, investigate:


If it's more merchandise you want, we recommend:



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Off topic, but still fresh news that readers of this thread might find interesting:

On Thursday 25th May, Bill Ely & the Catnips will play at Drummonds fund raiser between 8.15 & 8.45pm, then hightail it to the Tunnels where they will play from 9.00 until 9.30pm in support of Goldblade.

Why not run after us & shout for help? There's a serious risk of police intervention, that's why not.

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Guest bluesxman

I got this yesterday afternoon. It has a song called Beetle Drive that goes 'You must complete the beetle' which made me laugh. Do they still do Beetle Drives these days? I thought that was an archaic practice from my school days. I may go to this Goldblade show after all, I've got their first couple albums somewhere.

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