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Stuff For Sale Part 2:


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Right, still having a clear-out before i go and move (i can't be arsed shifting this stuff :p )

Line 6 Spider 1x12 50w Amp (built in effects) 125

Line 6 Floorboard (for use with earlier model Spiders/Flextones) 100 (this is still boxed and in perfect condition- a new one costs 179)

if you buy the amp and Floorboard together i'll do it at 200

Technics RS-X520 Seperates Tape-Tape Deck (Fully Boxed-Black) 25

Technics ST-X902LA Seperates Tuner (Fully Boxed-Black) 25

Gameboy Colour (Yellow-Fully Boxed) and Pokemon Gold 20

BC Rich Warlock N7 Series Platinum (Silver-a small chip in paintwork) 200

Casio Hand Held TV (Fully Boxed) 20

Playstation Games: 5 each

Mechwarrior 2

FIFA 2000

Star Wars Rebel Assault 2

WWF War Zone

Civilization 2

FA Manager

WWF Smackdown 2

NHL 99

Player Manager 99

Resident Evil 2

Grand Theft Auto London SOLD



Command & Conquer: Retalliation

Tekken 2

PC Games: 10 each

Civilazation 3

Championship Manager 4

Zoo Tychoon

There might be some more stuff on later. PM me or post on here if you want any details or if you want to buy anything. I'm open to offers on everything so don't be afraid to ask :)



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