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Starting DJ!

Xdolly darkoX

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This might be way off, but this is what I'd do if I wanted to become one.

A) Make contacts. You'd be surprised how few people control a lot of things here - so make contacts and make sure to leave a good impression on people. The person you have a friendly word with today might interview you for a really good spot tomorrow, so always, always keep that in mind.

B) DJ anywhere and everywhere - band nights in The Tunnels and elsewhere are a good place to start. It's unlikely you'll get paid anything, but it'll give you an idea of how things work and so on. Try and be flexible with what you do - for instance, there's not really a huge choice here for DJ's doing alternative nights, but you might get offered a decent paying chance playing 70's/80's rock anthems somewhere. DJ'ing anything and everything is also a good way to build up contacts, so it links into A above.

C) Offer to help existing DJ's at their club nights - and again, make sure you do a wide selection of things so you don't get pigeon holed into doing one genre.

D) Don't expect money to pour in straight away, the chances are that you'll have to spend a good while building up your reputation before getting paying gigs. If you want to do it in the bassment, try going along and asking the DJ's if they'd like any help - if one person says yes, there's your opportunity there.

I'm sure other people can give more specific ideas than that, but I think that's the general gist behind it.

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Thanks peeps:up:

I'm not afraid 2 funk!The only genre I would find really unbearable is that hard house stuff, but other than that, yay!

I don't really care if i wouldn't get paid as I think it would be a really enjoyable job, but then again, anything beats what I do now!

I wasn't sure if i should try to enrol in a course, mixing or suchlike?

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I wasn't sure if i should try to enrol in a course' date=' mixing or suchlike?[/quote']

Depends what you want to play really - if it's just Bassment style stuff, then there's no need at all. I'd personally not bother until you've found what you're happy with :)

If you want a place to start, try contacting some promoters to ask them if you can DJ at their nights - everyone has to start somewhere, and that's a good a place as any :)

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