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Robin Trower!!!

Guest MKII

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Bridge of Sighs...excellent album

I concur. I bought it on vinyl many years ago and just recently replaced it with a CD. An overlooked classic, although Planet Rock feature tracks now and again.

He played at The Lemon Tree late 2005. It was packed out with ageing heads like me.8) He was in sparkling form. Strats and two Marshall plexi heads with single 4x12s pumping it out.

As well as the guitarwork, Jimmy Dewar's voice was very very impressive on Bridge of Sighs.

Sadly, he died a few years ago, but Davey Pattison, his replacement, is top drawer.

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Only heard his playing in Procol Harum till I heard this clip' date=' I think this is mighty juicy, if a bit too classic rock for my liking, but still...

He has that Hendrix 'Machine Gun' sound! :love:[/quote']

Robin Trower - a hell of a guitarist! One of my inspirations. I love that dirty, spacey sound.

Missed the Lemon Tree gig (was in Baku at the time), heard it was great.


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