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Exile Studio now taking bookings for T-Break

Mark Nicol

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Hi there, the Exile studio is now taking bookings for the T-break competition. We have a good record of bands that we've had in actualy playing at T-in the park. Last year we had 3 - The Flying Matchstick Men, Staccato set and AKA the Fox, the year before we had 2, The Needles and Josephine (who both headlined the T-break stage).

We've moved out near Banchory, and we are now fully residential, sleeping 5, and residential prices include fine cooked meals.

Although the studio has been operational for the last few weeks, its not been finished, but its nearing completion now. Our web site's not been updated for a while, but there's some MP3s up there - http://www.exilestudio.co.uk

Our Email address is xilestudio@aol.com We have a few bands booked in over the next cople of months, the majority from Glasgow, so it would be good to see some Aberdeen bands at T in the park this year. Obviously I'm talking about recording a demo for sbmission to the T-break competition, and not about taking bookings to play!



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Got any photos of the new place/setup? Love a good nosey.....

Hi Keilan, no photos yet. It's pretty cool though. Ive converted our steading, the control room is upstairs, live room downstairs. Its a bit bigger than the old Exile studio. Has a big bar at the back, roaming views over the countryside and all that. Had the upstarts in recording a single, Parity's fall were in doing a live demo, have a Glasgow band called Scunner in this weekend. How's all your bands doing?

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