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need help with video drivers


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right, when i try to launch EVE online it reboots my computer because of a critical error and suggests i update my graphics card drivers for my laptop. i've downloaded the appropriate(i think) bit from ati's website but when i go to install it i get an INF error video driver not found and it says i should try to setup my display adapter with a standard vga driver before running setup.

what gives? surely there's already a driver installed on my laptop. and how do i setup my display adapter?

my graphics card is a ati radeon 9000 mobility and eve ran with no problems at all before until their recent patch.

any help greatly appreciated.

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Okay, try doing the following -

Redownload the drivers from the ATI site, it's not unknown for downloads to become corrupted somehow

Uninstall the current video drivers


When it restarts, it should detect a generic VGA video driver (at a horrible resolution) and install it automatically

Then install the drivers that you downloaded. Make sure to get the latest Catalyst drivers for your card. As for how to install - the drivers should be an .exe file and should install themselves once you run the file.

If EVE is still being problematic, try installing slightly older drivers.


I found this thread, I have no idea if it's relevant to you, but it could be worth reading.

Edit : Don't follow my instructions unless someone backs them up as being sensible, there may be issues that i'm unaware of.

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