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A Hole In My Heart


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Has anyone else felt violated that they sat though an hour and a half of the biggest disappointment in recent cinema history? I was expecting something a bit better than a half-assed, semi-porn, low-budget, bogus-smut film. It's just so crap and pointless, tries too hard to be shocking but it ends up being appalling.

Moodysson (Director) previously filmed 'Fucking ml', 'Together' and 'Lilya-4-ever'; which all tug at your feelings harder than 99.9% of films ever made, and would be criminal to not watch before you die. I still can't believe he made this crap...


Avoid This Film Like The Plague

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It's nothing on Moodysson's other films, and pretty gross in parts, but I think it's okay. I think the feeling you get of wondering why the hell he bothered making it is matched by wondering what the point of the characters lives are.

That's what it felt like to me anyway. Plus, it always made me laugh because the creepy son with the flipper hand always reminded me of Calum (Haigyman). Hahaha...Yeah.

But God, Lilya-4-Ever is the most upsetting film I've ever seen.

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Agreed, but when you get stories such as Lilja 4-Ever, and Together it's just soul destroying to watch such a poor follow up. I think it's a also a negative comment on the porn industry, which is a bit crap because it employs millions of people and isn't exactly the worst means to an end. The guys son also reminded me of a Dayeth/Calum hybrid.

I'm pretty sure he wanted it to be a cinema-only release because he said he didn't want young people to ever see it, or something.

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