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Most people I know don't like hearing the truth. I think we'd have big problems if people were honest. However, you also don't need to lie to people, you can just not saying anything. I don't think this is the same as telling lies.

If you're getting shite from your boss, I wouldn't say it's a lie if you accept it and don't put him in his place, but it is, "not telling the truth". I think the article didn't draw the distinction between "lies" and "keeping your mouth shut".

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There's a difference between lying and being selective with how much truth you give, for example, if someone were to ask me: "What have you done today?" And I were to reply that,"I went out for lunch with a friend and then went shopping". Yes, I did do that, but I also showered and walked and went on my computer etc etc. So by only saying that I'd been to lunch and shopping, and by not specifing the name of my friend, means I lied? I think not. Also, if I thought that the shirt my friend had on was horrible, but didn't say to him, "I think your shirt is horrible", that's not lying either, although it would be if I told him I liked his shirt.

My point, is that this article is lying, just because a person doesn't go into extreme detail or reveal their inner thoughts; doesn't mean they're telling fibs.

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