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  1. Not for the army of Guardian readers out there.
  2. A lot of money to pay someone who's over the hill. I don't believe he left Man U because of the fall-out on MUTV. He's always been an asshole, it's just that Feguson knows he's not so good anymore.
  3. I would agree with that. I don't actually like him very much, but I find him funny when I haven't seen him for ages.
  4. It's a lifestyle choice but you get a lot of head.
  5. Because it's a joke we're talking about. You said yourself that you "refuse" to find that kind of joke funny. You don't need to put so much effort into it. Just ignore it. PS. It is trendy.
  6. It was a decision was it? "Okay, from this day on - no jokes about women, they're not funny anymore. Lets get Benny Hill off the air, he's warping the minds of Britain's youth." Considering the fact that Roy Chubby Brown is still doing plenty of gigs, don't you think your statement - "you mean before we decided that being derogatory towards women wasn't funny anymore?" - is actually wrong? "i take it the same goes for those jokes about wogs and pakis that were such a riot in the 70s?" Oh, the old racism card. And so soon after I was getting accused of playing the PC card. Nice one, Mrs Whitehouse.
  7. You are, I live in Ayrshire. Tell the truth though, Dundee Utd were playing really well when we put them out in 97 and I really didn't think we'd win against them, so you never know. However, you can strongly suspect that it's not going to happen. Very strongly. Very, very strongly. In fact, why the hell am I considering going to this game? I don't even like Edinburgh very much.
  8. LOL, the bigots accuse me of shit stirring.
  9. Soon as Clyde came out I said "That's who Celtic will get". "And Clyde will be at home to......Celtic". So bloody predictable. And whilst Aberdeen and Dundee Utd get each other, don't forget Hearts and Killie are playing each other (two of the top five teams). Also reckon Motherwell will have a tough match against St Mirren (despite St Mirren getting hammered at the weekend). If it was only one draw it wouldn't matter so much, but it's the fact these dodgy draws come out every single year. Anyway, I'm going to go to Tynecastle to watch us get put out by Hearts. I'm looking forward to the game, hope it will be a big turn out and it's generally a good place for an away game, but I can't see any chance that we're going to win against them.
  10. I told everyone to buy their own presents and I'd give them the money for them. Hate Christmas.
  11. Next time, stand up for yourself and tell your mum "I'm not going to wear my vest today!"
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