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The Ghost Of Fudge

DMFS at The Tunnels - Sun 13th Nov 2005

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DEADLOSS SUPERSTAR will be playing soon in Aberdeen's most esteemed underground venue, The Tunnels. Make a note in your diary: Sunday 13th November. Nice.

from the organisers:

"Random naked party dudes night!!!! Identity will be bringin to u:

Deadloss Superstar

Open air


charlie moore four

and of course identity will be making an apperance!!!!

doors 7pm

entry 4"


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... although i imagine martin will want to get back to edinburgh at a decent hour...

Ah yes' date=' very true.

Brian are you wanting 'cello for this gig or no? Just so I know :) I've got a practice with Jo til 6/7ish at the Lok-Up but I can power my way over after that if needed.[/color']

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deadloss won't be soundchecking as james and craig are also unavailable... so we'll just ask em to whack everything up as high as it'll go. the 'wall of sludge' effect as soundiain used to call it.

You could take the recording of 'Wall Of Skin' and change the appropriate word by shouting over the top of the recording and put the resulting track on your next release as a bonus track :p

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