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Millencollin, Flogging Molly, Randy, The Unseen @ Carling Academy

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So I showed up late and missed the first band. Heard they were a shit emo band anyway so I'm not too bothered. The Unseen were the main band I was there for. One of my favourite bands in the world right, really aggressive, melodic punk...I guess it'd be easy to compare them to a cross between Anti Flag and Strike Anywhere. Sound quality was shit for them and it was all a bit dead down the front. Would have much better to see them pack out a venue like King Tuts or Barfly or something...

I was expecting Randy to be a real shitty emo pop punk band but these were cool as fuck garage punk from Sweden. Dressed in Skeleton costumes, I guess they reminded me of The Hives but with more of a '77 sound than '69. Impressive.

Flogging Molly are always a safe bet. 3rd time I'd seen these and they were miles better than they was at Moshulu in June. Only 2 songs from Drunken Lullabies LP which was suprising. Good atmosphere.

Was ridiculous to see so many people pay 15 a ticket then go home before Millencollin came on. The place looked half empty and one of the workers was starting to sweep up while they were still playing. I was appalled. Regardless, Millencollin played some catchy songs and sounded tight as fuck. Not one of my favourite bands in the world but was pretty decent. Overall, a good night though not as good as last years Eastpak tour with Sick of it All, 7 Seconds and Slapshot.

Any other Aberdeen peeps (besides who I travelled down with) catch this gig? Any thoughts?

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I told you a while ago about this Paul, pffft.

I did expect the crowd to be somewhat like that. YO EASTPAK, COOL!

Would love to see Millencolin sometime soon. Never seems to work out. *sob*

Glad you haf fun Kirk :)

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