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Exhumed Cancel European Tour

Fast Caz

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EXHUMED Cancel European Tour - Sep. 10, 2005

Californian gore-metallers EXHUMED have been forced to cancel their European tour. The group's official statement on the matter reads as follows:

"Due to very recent developments with some of the local promoters on the upcoming tour, we are forced to cancel all of the upcoming European shows. As it turned out, some of them decided to pull out at the last minute, without telling us. Promises that were made couldnt be lived up to, leaving us with two-thirds left of a very short tour

"We went into this planning for a 4 to 5 week tour, then that was cut to 2 weeks which really pissed us off, and it made everything down to the wire financially. We decided to forge ahead regardless, hoping to salvage what remained of the tour and get out to play for our fans as best we could under the circumstances. But, when we found out within a week of getting ready to leave for this tour that a third of it was chopped out, we were left with a situation where we would be losing a lot of money that we dont have to come over and do this tour. Money that unfortunately pays for us to live and pay rent, etc. not money that buys fancy cars or band therapists.

"We are extremely disappointed to have to back out of these dates and let down the fans and the promoters who were upfront with the band and booking agency, and we are doing our best to reschedule something for early next year. This is the third time this year that our European plans have fallen through and to say we are frustrated would be the understatement of the year. We will be back to bring the gore to all of you as soon as we can.

"See you in the morgue or at the bar."

EXHUMED will release their covers CD, "Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated", on September 27 in Europe via an exclusive licensing deal with Listenable Records.


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