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Why no reply from FUDGE????


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:D arf. that could apply to many of the good souls on this website.

ENrApTUre! I'M pLAyinG YouR DeMo Cd!

actually, the first tracks got quite a cool intro... sounds good for a home recording. squealy dan-atom style harmonics too. "my heart weeps blood": quality title. it's a pity - perhaps? :) - that there's no vocals though...

still, if you had 30 minutes of yur own material (maybe two covers in there if you wanted), i'd give you a gig - although we're booked up til xmas...

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our dec date is booked already. keep an eye on this forum though. we'll start booking 2006 soonish' date=' maybe.

so, you have 30 minutes of original material? then why send 1 original song to me with two killswitch engage tracks? :)[/quote']

We havent gotten round to recording properly yet and theres no way i'm sending any more of those shitty home recordings. At that point in time we only had a couple of originals anyway. We do, however, still play killswitch engage covers in a set which consists of 3 covers 4 originals but this was loved by the crowd at Kef this saturday just passed! We also guarentee a big crowd as the peeps in Alford know and love us (sorry that sounds a bit ego growth).

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