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Help Required...For Gavfest

With Gavfest looming there has been a small stumbling block that Gav needs a little kindness and help to overcome...

Because Gavfest is a free festival...and that he actually loses money on putting it on...we are asking the kind people of aberdeen music if they would have anything in the way of a PA system?

Ideally we would like a couple of top boxes and subs with appropiate amps...(we have a desk).....

But even if anyone has a good powered mixer (output to NL4 Speakons) that we could use with our own top boxes....cause at the bare minimum we are going to need a vocal PA!!

If anyone is willing to help there will be a free crate of beer for you at gavfest...and of course pick up and home delivery of equipment will be done by us....

If anyone can help please reply here! or PM me!

Thank you

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Guest lime ruined my life


dude, if you have a library card, im pretty sure you can rent stuff from the library, you give them a cheque for 200 quid or so, and you get it back when you bring it back. Youd have to be quick, stuff normally gets booked up a month or so in advance. costs like twenty quid, you could have a bucket for donations at the side of the stage too.

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