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Looking for 2nd Guitarist for prog rock band

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I'm looking to set up a prog rock band - I've just been writing so much of it recently that it's about time i got some musicians for me to play it with. I will be looking for a drummer and keyboard player (if i can find one) at a later date but right now i just want to start with another guitarist so we could go over what i've got so far.

Basically i'm looking for a rhythm guitarist right now. Preferably someone near enough my age (Im 19)

Influences are:

King Crimson, Camel, Steve Hillage, Can, Amon Duul II, Porcupine Tree, Ghost

It wouldn't just be Prog we'd be doing. I'd like to include a bit of psychadelia and most certainly some morotik beats (Can - "Tago Mago" style).

If anyone would be interested in doing something like this, lemme know. Any drummers or keyboard players who would be interested also, feel free to reply, but right now i just wanna go over stuff with another guitarist.



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