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Guitarist available.


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Guitarist available to join a band now! not next week or the week after but now.

Any kind of music considered as long as I get to play a solo or 20.

I play lead guitar and have previous gigging experience. I'm into my old school metal, 80's heavy rock. Influences are GN'R, Iron Maiden, Motley Crue, Tesla, Dokken, Ratt, kiss, Van Halen, Whitesnake. Not forgetting Yngwie Malmsteen.

I will consider other styles, as long as it gets gigs. I have my own gear (Marshall TSL 100w half stack, various guitars and a cry baby).

Has to involve plenty of pissups :cheers: , writing own material :swearing: and generally rocking venues into the ground :band:

Anyone interested leave a post and i'll get back.


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Hey man, would you be up for a jam? I'm a guitarist, 18, and I love loads of 80s Rock and Metal. I have plenty riffs and play mainly rhythm so that would leave you free to rip it up on lead guitar. If you want to hear any of my music: Demos

Listen to Riffs 1 & 4 , Beauty & Heavy Metal Vibe if you want an idea of what I have to offer.


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Listened to your riffs. Liked your track 'beauty'. It's got a rock ballad thing going for it, a bit like Europe. As for your other riffs they've got a good groove to them.

I have a few riffs myself, and some songs written (3 or 4 rock songs and 1 ballad) with lyrics. I'm not exactly a singer, but I can song enough to write a song. So, if you know a singer then that would be great. Bassist and Drummer would a bonus! (In fact they're a fucking essential...)

I would be up for a jam as long as all the people are in place.



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How's Friday? Could probably manage tomorow come to think of it.

Any time is fine afternoon/night time.

I've got a third guitarist so that lead can be played in harmony/octaves and allowing alternate solos.

What do you think?

:rockon: or :down:

Oh and Grant. Are you actually playing in noise pollution now? Cos they've got a gig on the 15th at the tunnels with pure lead. I'll be there! :cheers:

See what happens anyway.

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yeah im still doing bass for noise pollution like but that gig will be our last im pretty sure. i cant manage this week sorry guys got my 2nd interview for a job and im not in town this weekend coz i'll be practicing with np in buckie..i could manage next monday maybe..not tue(motley in glasgow!!!) or wed (tunnels gig) but after that im free

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