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The Tunnels Battle Of The Bands Last Night Winner


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Tunnels B.O.B

Hi Hen,

First of all well done to the winners!

At other battles of the bands we have received score sheets by judges which are useful obviously for improvement. Can you give us any information on how you came to the winners decision (This is usually in the following categories stage presence, music ability, crowd interaction, crowd reaction, material and future breakthrough prospects. There is also usually some sort of recommendations). Every band should be able to take away something from the competition, not just the winners. We would really appreciate if you could provide us with something?

I didnt see anybody with pens or paper last night so I am unsure if you could provide us with this. It would also be interesting to know if you use the same categories as above for judging and also how you scored it and how our scores compared with the winners. I presume you use some method of scoring!

I agree with random girls comments and would really like to see some other comments from people who were there. Feedback would be greatly appreciated on the scoring system.



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your band were pretty bad.

strobing goat were pretty good.

you lost.

its not rocket science.

actually, i wasnt there so ignore me.but also, i may be correct so think about it a bit.another thing, battle of the bands are stupid, so dont expect rational, sensible outcomes.dont enter these things if you cant cope with losing, however unfairly.also, take the kettle off the boil a moment before making coffee, so as not to sour the taste.

thats all the info i am willing to divulge on this fine day.

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I disagree steve corps! I didnt think any of the bands were bad' date=' though am not sure bout strobing goat winning? They were different, maybe even original, but that doesnt necessarily mean better. I personally thought the third band probably had the edge n shudv won, but then it was more my cup of tea!!

Just my opinion

JC :band:[/quote']

no worries, i disagree with myself all the time.i liked the fourth band personally, but i wasnt there so i cant really make comment further.

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