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hed nod [mick harris]


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fuck me, a UK record company have compiled all the 12"s + "bonus disks" (when you subscribed to hush hush's deal to get the 12's)...

a fucking double cd of 2 hours 20 mins of fucked up dark electronica, all for a measly 10 fucking quid?!

...you want the darkest most paranoid heavy beats + bass music you ever did hear, simply buy the complete hed nod sessions and you've got it.


cheap as chips, and 100 times tastier.



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One thing I've nae heard of micks...

mind you, he's a prolific recording artist, eh....

a few things I've nae heard probably.

half of the time, I've no Idea what moniker he's under !

(manrillo being one classic, even he denied being "manrillo"...)

he just sent me the "fret" lp that was never released (only a 12" was put out)...

it's ace, it's like "autechre in a fight"

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I heard some new tracks (or snippets) of the autechre LP on warpmart...

I don't know, they've got a lot to apologise for in my book, before I go near buying another Autechre record...

sounds like they;ve pulled their head out of their arses and made "music" again...but....will it last ?!

I will definetly look for the Murder Ballads in London.

Have you heard "asylum"?

it was mick harris and the Jemini Twins (before they were signed).

mick did the beats n drones, and the Twins did some sick raps over the top...

like killing their own mum for inheritance...

PM me...

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