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theres nothing conceptually better than rock n roll

does n e one know n e line up for any gigs happening over the summer?

leeds/reading, t in the park, witness, glasto?!?

n e body heading to any of them, any oasis fans out there, they are rumoured to be playing one at least this summer....

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i was actually plannin on goin to download-scotland, at glasgow green. but i dont think il bother.

the bands dont start till half 4 in the afternoon, then finish at half 10.

only decent bands rumoured to be playin are Machine Head, Korn, and Blink 182. I have no time for slipknot, or even Shit Charlotte.

I would go for just the first day (to see metallica) but its 2 day tickets only! and its on a wed and a thursday aswell...what a shambles.

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Originally posted by RKID:

sweet, anyone ever saw oasis live? cant wait to see them again, were great last time i saw them!

that efestivals is pretty good, altough be better when find out who def playing!

both times i saw them i would have to say they were fantastic.good times.

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