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last in line,8page pullout,last time perfect

Guest glenn -lastinline-

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To the three bands last night ...

Well Done guys. ( All three bands that played last night ). You were all really great ... I couldn't stop smilin' :] Still can't. You guys should go far ... hope you all do.

On a personal note: Paul you big, sweaty guy you ... Well Fuckin' done ;)

And Ross ... Hope the finger's kool, though I'm sure it is, and o.m.g can you wale! ( Thought you were a quiet guy ... got that wrong then! )

Rock on Guys ! :dunce:

Loadsa Luv, Mee xXxXx

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Guest glenn -lastinline-

thanks for everyone who came along last night it was a really good gig.well done to last time perfect and 8pagepullout,it was nice to play with some punk/emo bands..we certainly enjoyed ourselves.

but come to our next gig il post with more details later

glenn -lastinline-

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