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whoopedy ping!!!


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so im standing in the qmu, just like any other tuesday night, chatting to my mates outside the bottle bar. just been to a gig, was pretty good, just chilling for a little bit, thinking of maybe heading home, and i turn round and who is standing literally two metres away from me???


so, inevitably i turned into a big jibbering freak!! usually seeing people from bands doesnt have that effect on me, but it was JOHNNY FRICKIN BORRELL!!! i was reduced to the same girly pathetic behaviour that i was overcome by when i was 13 and met boyzone!!! i started giggling, and shaking, and speaking with a very high pitched voice! i mean really.....wtf??!!

needless to say, i stood looking at him and fellow band member for about five minutes while other people flocked round them and shook their hands and said nice things, but had i made the frightful mistake of going over and speaking to him in my hysterical state i probably would have ruined any chance i ever have of marrying the man :D

so i let him go.......aaahhhhh........

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