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  1. Recently bought myself some Samson open back headphones (SR850 I think they are) that I'd read were amazing for mixing, I was reluctant at first, because like everyone else, cheaper brands instantly put me off... However I was very pleasantly surprised, I really like them. Now I've read somewhere that Samson C02 small diaphragm condenser mics are also ridiculously good quality and stand up with mics of much, much higher value. I was wondering if anyone had used them and could let me know as I'm debating giving Samson another leap of faith and buying a pair. Also what else would you recommend for pencil condensers that don't break the bank, because I work in oil... And well... You know Oh and they will be used almost exclusively for acoustic guitar. thanks!
  2. Has anyone got any nice ones for sale? cheaper the better (within reason) because times are hard ha! Thanks
  3. 1960's reissue Gibson Les Paul classic. Bareknuckle emeralds in it, coil tapped with the tone knobs. Tiz a nice guitar. Let me know if you want some pictures
  4. Xbox one, Kinect, 3 controls, double charging cradle, FIFA 15 and FIFA 16, UFC, call of duty advanced warfare, dead rising 3, Forza and battlefield 4. Comes with all cables and a headset. Perfect condition with no issues. Swap for ps4 with similar items or cash either way. Thanks
  5. So tonight I was listening back to my song through my daw (reaper) when I decided "I'll add some tambourine" The xlr cable was already connected to the interface (focusrite 2i4) so as it was playing I picked up the other end of the xlr cable and went to plug it into the back of the mic. As soon as it touched the mic, the sound cut off!? The speakers lights still on, the interface lights are still on.... But no sound is coming out, it's not picking up the mic anymore either. What the fudge have I done? Oh and I've tried turning it off and on haha
  6. Any floor studio monitor stands going cheap?
  7. Any opinions for a nice bluesy/country single coil sound? Texas specials sound like they could be the ones for me but I'd be interested to hear alternatives. Thanks
  8. Feel free to check bud yeah, come out and have a look if you want
  9. Pathfinder and xotic EP boost gone. Maybe laney monitor too
  10. No problem mate. Chuck me a PM when you want to collect
  11. You could say that haha. Still for sale. Last gigs done so no longer getting used
  12. That ships sailed mate, just decided to buy an AC30 brand new instead, played it once and my band split up... Happy days! :-/
  13. Is there any local guys who could maybe come out and have a look and help us get the most out of our PA? Basically, we don't know that much about it all, we know enough to get by but we feel like we're not getting what we should be getting out of it. We're running two Mackie SRM450V2 speakers through one of those Berhinger euro rack mixers. Which leads me to my first question... Does the mixer matter when you use powered speakers? Or is it all about the speakers? We seem to get feedback before we get any real volume and we have to kill the eq to get what we need which leads to a pretty crappy sound all round. Any advice would be great but we would love it if someone who really knows about this stuff could come and help us out with a quick lesson. Thanks in advance guys and girls. Scott
  14. Too expensive mate. I'm looking for something cheap
  15. I have an AVT 150 if you change your mind about them
  16. I played a gig in saturday with a marshall AVT and although I wasn't blown away, I wasn't disgusted, the other guitarist uses one too, they were semi respectable... However I prefer the fender sound, I figured the mustang is the the only solid state amp that would be worthy of gigging? I prefer tube amps, I've had some great amps but I'm always scared it fucks up and I'm left in a situation that none of us want to be in. Solid state amps are impossible (not literally) to Fuck up. My thinking was, if I could get a nice fender clean, I can get the rest of my sound with my pedal board. As long as it takes pedals well, especially a volume boost.
  17. does anyone have a mustang locally that I could test something on? I want one but need to make sure the volume can be boosted with my xotic EP booster before I make the plunge, don't really know how they work with all there digital goodness. Thanks
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