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  1. Im trying to get a semi regular covers band going if you fancy. PM if interested.
  2. sold. Thanks for everyone's interest. Please remove admin.
  3. Can you not return it to the shop. 14 day return?
  4. Thanks wyldeJack. i'd have jumped at that if I hadn't bought the h and k. out of curiousity. what would you be looking for pricewise?
  5. Hahaha. Its an in joke between me and ronz, fatboy. The fubar guys call me me kato after the pink panther character coz their drummer thinks look chinese!!!. I deliberately misspelled "wrong' as "wong" Anyhoo, I've managed to get an H and K amp so if admin want to remove this thread, they are welcome to. PS all the best next friday Fatboy ???
  6. Riff Raff

    Good condition. Gigged a handful of times. Selling due to upgrade. Grab yourself a Christmas bargain.
  7. 40 quid. No offers. Want to see someone get the good of it.
  8. Bump. 50 quid ono. Will listen to reasonable swaps
  9. Was just away to post that richtone link
  10. Thanks, I'll keep it in mind but I'm keen on the original series if possible.
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