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  1. Sanctuary our tribute to The Cult are playing The Lemon Tree on July 15th, with support from the amazing Ruckus. However, we are also putting on another support, but we'd love to have a younger band in age on the bill who wouldn't often get the chance to play The Lemon Tree. This is something I've done before and it's always turned out ace. So if your a youngster in a band, or you know someone who is and would be up for this, give me a PM
  2. Deadfire are a hard rock band from Aberdeen. We are looking for a new front man or woman/singer to complete our line up. We currently have 2 albums ready for gigging and plenty more material in the pipeline. We would like to hear from anyone who has interest. As long as you aren't offended by pie eating, fart smells and Goats you'll fit right in. Please contact Tunk on 07792347766 or via Tunker00@gmail.com (Please note this is an updated post due to incorrect contact information, so please message new address if you mesaged the old one)
  3. Just Bumping this back up
  4. We require a Bass Player to complete a line up for a rock/metal covers band, already consisting of Drums, Vocals and Guitar. Looking to gig once/twice a Month only, as we are all already gigging with original bands. PM me in interested.
  5. We are looking for a new Singer/Front man to complete a line up for a new Covers band, comprising of members from 2 previous gigging cover bands. Ideally we'd be looking for someone with a bit of presence and personality, and who also likes a bit of banter as we obviously want this to be fun. We're looking to do classic Rock/Metal covers a little different than in the 'scene' right now. If your interested please send an email to the Sexy Drummer, Tunker00@outlook.com or PM me here. That is all Cheers Muchly.
  6. Bass Player and Front Man wanted for Rock Covers Band. Both myself (drums) and the guitarist are in regular gigging bands, we're just looking to this for a bit of fun and to live out a few guilty pleasures Looking to Practice weekly and possibly pub gig once a Month. PM me for more deets if your interested.
  7. Chris takes it up the Jobie chute! Signed, the whole World ;0)
  8. In conjunction with APA I am helping organise and run an all day event at the Lemon Tree on Sunday July 13th (Monday 14th is a local Holiday) If you are in a band or are a solo artist and fancy a slot at the gig please contact us, telling us a little bit about who you are to Neroproject@outlook.com Looking to put put on as many genre's as possible, so feel free to put anything forward :0) Cheers Tunk
  9. In Conjunction with APA I am helping run an all day event at The Lemon Tree on Trades Sunday the 13th of July (Monday the 14th is a local Holiday) If you are in a band, or are a solo artist and would be interested in a slot at the all day gig, please contact us by email at Neroproject@outlook.com. I'm hoping to get as many genre's involved as possible, so please feel free to put yourself forward if you fancy it Cheers Tunk
  10. Nero

    Lames to Fame

    One of my ex band mates floored Har Mar Superstar in an Edinburgh chipper after a gig quite a few years ago. Har Mar Superstar was a bell end, and so was my band 'mate' ;0)
  11. Graeme you are 60 this year? My God you don't look a day over 58 ;0)
  12. Rage Against The Machine - Rage Against The Machine Therapy? - Troublegum Alice in Chains - Dirt BOOM
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