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  1. Just looking to see if anyone wants a jam, been years since ive been in a band or jammed, just starting to enjoy playing again. live in Inverurie. Willing to travel a little bit if needed. play guitar and sing terribly.
  2. thats is an absoulute beaut! id bite your hand off to get it just now if i could!
  3. TSL 100 HEAD SOLLLLLDDDDDD! cab still for sale
  4. holymoley

    for sAle

    mmm id love that prs! want a marshall TSL 100 and 1960a cab?
  5. money, its more about the feel and tone than the money
  6. i will still do a straight swap for my TSL would love to have a bash on a S200!
  7. i have my bullseye Les Paul with emg 81/815 set, if your interested
  8. thought you sold that ages ago!
  9. they are indeed, this amp sounds awesome, dont want to sell it but my JCM 800 combo is just to lush!!!
  10. bump! C'mon, some one must want this beast
  11. if i can sell my tsl 100, 1960 cab and my bullseye les paul, but untill that day
  12. Looking to sell my head and cab as no longer needed! would love to keep it, but cant justify having it sitting around looking pretty when it should be getting used for making sweet sweet music! looking for around £650, which i think is fair! the cab is in near mint condition. and the head has a tiny bit of damage on the back. Installed a quad matched set of JJ tubes and a new set of JJ pre amp tubes aswell. First to see and hear will buy! I might be open to trades, feel free to PM me or jsut throw a message up here! Pics can be put up if needed... but its a marshall... you know what it looks like!
  13. i have a TSL 100 head, perfect condition apart from a bit of plate delamination at the back. I wouldent mind try of this, i was looking it one a while back! pm me if you want mate
  14. If I didnt have the tc electronic nova system id snap this up happily!
  15. Got a vox I got free, its the 845. Unused.
  16. I have a tsl 100 with quad matched jj tubes. And a 1960a cab. Not totally keen on selling the cab but head is for sale mate. Pm me if you.wanna talk :-)
  17. holymoley

    jcm 900

    ill swap ya my TSL100 head for it
  18. I have a vox vt40+ if your interested?
  19. hey mate ill take the wedge monitor off your hands!
  20. plus the less knobs and that means I'm less inclined to tweak when playing which is one of my downfalls as a guitarist. Amen to that. can spend hours fiddling around with tone!
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