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  1. Carpathianchrist

    Black Metal band seeking musicians.

    http://mystiabllus.bandcamp.com/ Here is a new track from an upcoming split to see if we can inspire anyone else. Guitar or Drums, plus a bass and keyboard player would be welcome as fvkk
  2. Carpathianchrist

    Black Metal band seeking musicians.

    but aye, PM me if you're interested and I'll give more details.
  3. Carpathianchrist

    Black Metal band seeking musicians.

    Alter of Plagues and Wolves in the Throne Room are alright hipster black metal. Liturgy are just grunge with screaming.
  4. Carpathianchrist

    Black Metal band seeking musicians.

  5. Carpathianchrist

    Black Metal band seeking musicians.

    We already have complete songs written and several releases on various labels, but we are looking for a guitarist who is willing to learn songs or an extremely fast paced drummer plus a bass player to complete a line-up for playing live. Extreme dedication is a must and no time wasters wanted (Don't agree to booking a rehearsal if you won't show up). Influences range from the general well known bands like Mayhem, Satanic Warmaster etc through to modern underground artists such as One Tail One Head, Mare etc. Rehearsals are generally Sunday evenings due to full time employment but we can be flexible. We do not like Liturgy and release most of our music on cassette.
  6. Carpathianchrist

    Black metal band

    Mystiabllus are looking for a drummer and perhaps another guitarist. Are you interested?
  7. Carpathianchrist

    Guitarist Neeeeeds Band

    Murderous Instinct would have you min! - Nicholas
  8. Carpathianchrist

    Bloodstock comes to Aberdeen

    Apparently they couldn't get a venue
  9. Carpathianchrist

    Bloodstock comes to Aberdeen

    So yeah, apparently this is no longer happening.
  10. Carpathianchrist

    Best Extreme Act? - A Poll For The Fma 2013

    Curious who actually voted for Murustrictus. I mean, we are shit and to my knowledge I am the only member on this forum and I voted Bonesaw
  11. Carpathianchrist

    Trading forum

    Didn't think this would be worth a new thread: Just a suggestion, but how about a sub forum under trading for people to trade music? Like CDs and the likes.
  12. Carpathianchrist

    it begins... The Fudge Awards 2013

    I think Desercrator was a great out of town "band". For all five minutes haha.
  13. Just a reminder about Bonesaw, Murderous Instinct, Murustrictus and Drekavac in the tunnels on Saturday at 7pm since you have shown interest. Thanks!

  14. Month to go, Everyone involved is looking forward to it! Hopefully there should be merch and music available from all bands on the night also!