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  1. Looking for an old pc case that isnt getting used, doesnt have to look good! preferably cheap or free... And the bigger the better. Also after some meccano, must be metal. any amount, and in any condition.. Hope you can help!
  2. Hold on, its agp isnt it?
  3. I'll give you 50 for 1-7 of the xfiles??
  4. Hey. I have one you can have for free if you want. Only problem with it is that it has gone a bit yellow...
  5. I may be able to help you, but you must wait...
  6. Want an N64 steering wheel?
  7. I dont know, do you think they could? Would that just leave them looking like regular pickups? Maybe i could just get some covers for the ones i have. I've seen covers on ebay but i dont know if they affect sound or not?
  8. Thanks for the replies. Blingking; Do you have surrounds for them? Not really a problem if you dont. What price are you looking for? GraemeC; Looking to spend about 10 - 25 as thats how much they seem to go for elsewhere (ebay). Original Spies; Just looking to replace a pair of epiphone humbuckers that the previous owner painted white, white doesnt really go with the guitar. I should have added that i'd like black or chrome pickups. Cheers!
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