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  1. The title says it all really! Get yourself down to the blue lamp on Friday the 15th of August for one of Aberdeens premier Acoustic Open Mic Nights. With loads of top notch musicians coming out of the blue lamp open mics to move on to greater things all over scotland, this is an event not to be missed! Come down, plays us a song or 5, or just enjoy the drinks and good times
  2. hey man, i am a percussionist who has just finished playing in an acoustic group for the last year and a half. I've got some good contacts too. My main instrument is the bongos. I also play cajon. Give me a shout back at toby316624@gmail.com


  3. Jake my friend, i believe you are the man we are looking for. We are purely an acoustic group who have made quite a bit of success in and around aberdeen. We play regularly at the blue lamp, drummonds and musa, and have played recently at the lemon tree. We are ideally looking for some bass frequencies, preferably an acoustic bassist (like yourself). Drop us a text at 07801258776 if you are interested. Cheers, Mikail

  4. Dearstalker are looking for a new singer! We are relatively new onto the Aberdeen scene but have had huge success in the last 6 months. Not fussed about gender, or musical knowledge, just has to sound good (obviously). We have played gigs at the Blue Lamp, Lemon Tree, Drummonds, and many more venues recently. Really big into harmonies and generally blowing peoples mind. Fully acoustic group. Let me know at toby316624@gmail.com
  5. Due to being skint. im selling all my worldly possesions. 37" flatscreen hdtv. glass stand included. 300 Awesome gaming computer: 320gb hdd with tons of pc games 4gb ram 2x geforce7950 512mb (1024 in sli) core 2 duo 2.6 ghrtz p5n-e sli mobo liquid cooling dvd burner front panel mobo heat sensor display with fan adjustment 7.1 surround system inc. 550 ono Wireless router 20 Lightscribe usb dvd burner 30 email me at toby316624@hotmail.com
  6. i'll do you a website for 75 pounds, and that doesnt include the price of domain name and webspace.
  7. 15 inch tv with built in dvd player - 30 external usb light scribe dvd rewriter - 25 wireless router - 20 will see if we can negotiate something if you are interested email me at toby316624@hotmail.com
  8. im down with that. Im into a lot of different stuff to be honest, more so on writing my own tunes. @ guitarists could work fine. Need a bassist tho.
  9. im 20 and have been playing guitar for 14 years now. I would be up for startin something along those lines. Gimme a shout if you are interested. All we'd need is a bassist and we are set.
  10. yo hi, i have 13 years experience on the guitar. 5 years experience singing in 4 gigging bands as the frontman but would prefer backup to be honest. I've got a really good ear for harmonies. I would be really up for a jam sometime. Give me a shout toby316624@hotmail.com
  11. yo, i am a HUGE talking heads fan. Your other influences are pretty excellent aswell. I've sang in 4 gigging bands and i also play guitar aswell. I'm also a crackshot on the bongos, but thats more for novelty than anything. I am only 19 years old, but i have alot of experience and would love to be part of a band with similar influences. I've been singing for the last 5 years and been playing guitar for the last 13. Give me a shout. toby316624@hotmail.com
  12. I don't know alot about pearl jam. I saw them play this summer and thought they were excellent so i would definitely be up for trying something. They are definitely a band i could get into really easily and with 13 years experience in playing guitar i think i could do the trick
  13. Pick me! So, I'm not a bassist. Sorry. BUT! I can do vocals and play guitar aswell. You guys seem to have some pretty good influences, so i'm down with that. I'm only 19 but ive been playing guitar for 13 years. I have also done vocals in 4 gigging bands in the past. I am also quite good at the bongos so if you wanted to add a bit of something different to a couple songs, that could be done too. Give me a shout. toby316624@hotmail.com
  14. Everyones myspace and facebook page pretty much looks the same. Yes you can change the background and all of that other tacky shit, but social networking sites dont allow for your customisation to enhance the core design of the website. What i am trying to say is, you can customise a myspace page till the cows come home, but at the end of the day it is still a myspace page with myspace layout and no one has control over that. Having your own band page lets you take control of not only the simple customisable aspects of a page but also the core layout and the general way that the page is set up. This can lead to an overall better experience for a user accessing the bands page. Everything looks more integrated if its all designed together. As for cms, obviously a cms would cost alot more money, but i feel by working closely with the bands, there are other simple methods of updating the websites.
  15. I have a band site going live in a week or so, if anyone is interested i can keep you updated on my portfolio.
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