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  1. < one of our last Fudge Night/Moorings gig was good times
  2. ye sorry m8 completley forgot to message you (and a few others) kinda depressing dealing with the MySpace and shit. anyway thanks to everyone whos posted
  3. lol ok....................... xD
  4. thanks for the comments everyone, appreciate it, still in shock myself bout it all so its kinda shit lol
  5. i dont know much about the project the drummer is now involved with, only that it has something to do with a guy called gordon and another called ian
  6. ye i expected that kind of reaction from most people on here, hopefully some ppl will remember us from our gigs at the Moorings and the Tunnels over the last year. was good while it lasted
  7. like the title says "DeadMetal have split" if you want more info then read below on the 3rd of March after our set in The Tunnels, our drummer Ben told us outside that he had recived an offer to join another project with an old friend of his (this was the real reason why we left that gig so soon after our set) anyway he told us that he wanted to take the oppertunity, the problem was that this other project would take up all of his free time meaning very little time for DeadMetal. so we wished him the best of luck with everything, and hold no hard feelings with him.(tbh he wouldve bin a dumbass to pass up the oppertunity) A few days later the rest of us in the band got together to decide our next move, we had decided together to look for another drummer. sadly a couple of days after that once the shock was gone and the emotions had calmed down Wayne.P decided that he wanted nothing more to do with "any bands" it took us 3/4 years to find a drummer and the idea of starting the search again just to posibly end up back in this position once again was too much for him. now with just myself and Wayne.R remaining there isnt really a band. we both agreed that with the distance between us it would be too hard to make it work and the band would never really be the same without Wayne.P as a founding member in it. its a sad day for us all and with DeadMetal being the only band ive ever been in makes the decision of what to do next a big mystery and im pretty sure that Wayne.R is in the same position. anyway we just wanted to let everyone know what happend. thanks for reading Kev
  8. tbh does the crowd ever leave the moorings? or do they just like fal asleep where they stand, wake up and do it all over again?
  9. tbh ive gotten use to not seeing a crowd at the weekday tunnels gigs, it usualy ends up being bands playing to other bands, hell some bands dont even show up untill 10 mins before there set (infact come to mention it downfall where were u when we were on nah im just joking, but the point is you could pass the blame for "why aberdeen fails" around all day and not solve anything. anyway i think Downfall are a good band (and im sure theyl have no problems getting a crowd for a weekend gig at the moorings (o and last nigts line up shouldve defanetly bin a weekend gig, wouldve bin great)
  10. lol award time must be the busyest time for this site with all the spam accounts ppl make to vote Downfall from last to first, good job guys
  11. along with most ppl on this forum so ha GG and its about time u got on this forum, only bin tellin u bout it for months
  12. no thanks i hardly post as it is, not gona waste my time with that spamming rubbish. but i have seen many topics here that were clearly spammed and bumbed is all that i meant
  13. silly thing to be banned for i think (especialy on a forum that has nothing against spamming or bumping topics) (fair enougth if someone was making like 10 accounts to constantly vote themselves but owell plenty of other forums out there, visiting 1 less each day wouldnt kill me ^^
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