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  1. hoooooooooooray! yummy coffee and lots of fantastic peoples playing.
  2. took this info from the Tunnels page, so apologies if i have spelt your name wrong. This is sure to be a excellent event. oh yeeeeaaah.
  3. hehe just realised that i said it was 'going to be a great night' twice. oops. well it will be infact it will be an awesome night! Fi x
  4. come along, it'll be a great night. very very talented lot appearing at this event. should be a great night! starts at 8pm and its a 3 charge entry at the door.
  5. i miss 'em blue ones.....so full of sugar.... boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Fi
  6. but but but...last time i had smarties, they had blue ones in them. the tube was normal methinks. it didnt seem to have any special promotion as far as i could tell. i may be wrong though.... Fi
  7. well now, whats going on??? the new smarties advert clearly states that there is noooooooo blue smarties! either that, or there is only artificial preservatives in the blue ones. what is the world coming to?! not as distressing as having to watch the 'Frosties' advert all the way through but distressing nonetheless. Fi
  8. no idea who the 'white' stiggy is, but according to the googlisers, the old stig (first) is Perry Macarthy. i doubt its Damon Hill. Fi
  9. yeah Daryl is the best person in aberdeen now to get your piercings done. he's an ace guy. very friendly and professional, which makes him the man for the job. Fi
  10. i never got pierced by mark at presents i cant remember the girls name who did mine, but she seemed very informative so it was alright i suppose Fi
  11. i gots my A for Higher English and im not sure but i think i got a an A for me Higher Music. ah well not too bad... Fi
  12. i agree muchly with you folks: retro rebels is very good i got my 2nd lip piercing done there; but i have to say that i thought 'Presents' were very good back in the good old days. i got my lip and my tongue done there. altthough the clothing was super expensive (same goes for retros now infact) stoopid snappy snapps. Fi
  13. havent gotten mine as yet. godammit. i have to go home to reveal the awful truths of my failures. oh well. good luck is indeed needed at this time. Fi
  14. oh yeah Torchwood! almost forgot about that. it does look massively interesting, cant wait to see it. hopefully it will be good. hopefully. Fi
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