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  1. One of my first experiences of Union Street at night was about three years ago. Across the other side of the road was a group of guys fighting. One of the boy's girlfriends decided to jump in, swinging punches at everyone. She jumped on one guys back and his friend then ripped her skirt off to reveal NO UNDERWEAR! Instead of trying to retrieve her skirt and save what little modesty she had left she carried on fighting. The image is unfortunately branded in my memory for all time. It was sick...
  2. That is quality. They need to do something like that for Union Street!
  3. There is practically no similiarity between the genetic make-up of a human and a guineapig/rabbit/gerbil etc. Just because a drug has positive effects on one of these creatures after it has been infected with a terrible disease does not mean it will have any effect what so ever on a human. In fact some drugs tested on animals and found to be succesful have actually had negative effects on humans.
  4. someone at highschool set a boys hair on fire that way. It was very effective...
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