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  1. Some photos can be found here - Pulled Apart By Horses November 2010 | Flares n Seagulls
  2. Any word on the local/scottish acts playing this? Make Sparks announced it on Twitter the other day?! Let's be havin' youuuuuuuuuu
  3. Rod was recently interviewed by Flares n Seagulls. Have a look here - Rod Jones Interview Flares n Seagulls
  4. I have been listening to A Catholic Education alllllllllll day. What a great album. Not much chance of anything being played off of it apart from Everything Flows but still!
  5. The brand spanking Flares n Seagulls Facebook page can now be found at Flares n Seagulls | Facebook
  6. Want to read about what The Unwinding Hours, LightGuides and Codeine Velvet Club are up to? Wan to know how good Isa and the Filthy Tongues and the Right Hand Left single launch night was? Fly over to Flares n Seagulls right this minute to find out more!
  7. Coolbeanos. Stage times? Looked forward to this mahooooooooosively.
  8. They sound really smooth live?! Great sound.
  9. Anyone listening to them on Vic Galloway just now? Sounding grand!!
  10. Fuckin' excellent guys as per! I <3 COTC.
  11. Do you realise how pretentious you sound?
  12. Flares n Seagulls caught up with Murray from The Xcerts when he touched down after three weeks in NY recording album number two. Here is what he had to say - The Xcerts Interview Flares n Seagulls
  13. The In Atlanta stuff is sounding absolutely fantastic on Myspace. Where did this band come from all of a sudden?!
  14. Cheeky interview/preview here Acoustic Ladyland Interview Flares n Seagulls
  15. Awesome night of music. Review here - Julia and the Doogans March 2010 Flares n Seagulls
  16. Flares N Seagulls caught up with Make Sparks after the gig! Read about it here - Make Sparks Interview Flares n Seagulls
  17. Interesting Interview with There Will Be Fireworks here - There Will Be Fireworks Interview Flares n Seagulls
  18. Cast of the Capital to support the fannies?! Thankyou please!
  19. Got mine from you the other day there. They play awesome and for the price they are ace!
  20. Looks like it's a combination of illness and broken down vans. Dananananaykroyd (dananananaykroy) on Twitter
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