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  1. still available. had a pm about it that I've replied to but not heard back. anyone else still interested?
  2. Hey all. Trying to free up some cash, and have one of these mini laptops: ASUS EEEPC Black 7IN Intel Mobile 512MB 4GB Linux - Ebuyer It's in absolute perfect condition, and as above retail online for around 185 Will sell for 100. Post in this thread if you're interested, and PM me your phone number. Looking for a quick sale, can meet you today if you want it.
  3. I'm going to try and transfer it with capture card tonight from video, then I'll shove it on my web host, and start seeding it on bittorrent from there..
  4. From site: " This clip was actually broadcast and watched by millions" It was never broadcast. This was made for an inhouse joke, that was distributed internally only. I read about this on a very similar thread, and I'm trying to find the site now.. Damn funny video though
  5. You were indeed beautifully dressed Neil. And I liked the way you mentioned how many users/hits/posts etc. Was all very entertaining. I taped the show and am considering ripping it to my PC for anyone who is interested
  6. Anyone interested in seeing the show who missed it? I could put up for download for anyone interested.
  7. I saw this had been bumped and couldn't resist the temptation of doing another..
  8. General rule: If something seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  9. They don't guarantee top speed. No ISP does. They will tell you it depends on line quality/length.
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