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  1. Can anyone put me in touch with someone who puts on acoustic gigs? Any info appreciated!
  2. ahh i see. Forgot to also mention that I really like you guys keep up the good work!
  3. I was a bit lonely, so I called Avril Lavigne for some company. No reply though, she must be out.
  4. Right, the Spongebob thing, I'll give you that... but the DECLINE of Pixar? Because of a 45 second trailer for a film you don't think you'll like? Hmm....
  5. I hate the sound of most electro-acoustics too. When I play solo I prefer to just mic up my acoustic guitar. Usually sounds okay.
  6. ironic how you're called Cleartone yet the tone isn't very clear on those recordings.
  7. your site is hosted at hauntedpiano/souljacker.co.uk a site i frequent daily. How'd you know Jeremy?
  8. Oh hell, I almost forgot about I Wanna Go Where The People Go by the Wildhearts
  9. 'Am I Wry? No' by Mew is a great opener aswell. Awesome.
  10. gah, the two worst things about the british music industry have combined NME, and award ceremonies.
  11. It's got to be all of Karloff. Sex machines the lot of 'em :rock:
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