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  1. I quite like the idea but the music industry is in a very bad way just now and there is no spare cash for this kind of thing. The biggest problem is that music comes under the category of 'peoples spare cash' which due to the recession means there is no spare cash. It looks like things are about to get a lot worse for the next 3 or 4 years too.
  2. The McAllisters were originally travellers that settled in Aberdeen. Also the Murison family which are also quite notorious (particularly Eddie Murison who was known as one of the most violent men in Scotland. He still lives in Aberdeen and is a changed man now). They both settled here around the same time. The McAllisters run Ponda Rosa Metals and are known for their boxing skills. The Murisons own Murisons Commercials. My old flatmate got destroyed with a baseball bat in a video store on Union Grove that we used to both work at for sleeping with a McAllisters girlfriend. They are all extremely friendly until you upset them.
  3. Smokin Catfish are an awesome band. There is no way they would have intentionally left you out of pocket. Did you have a contract with them?
  4. The music played between bands all night was chosen by FFAF. I thought the crowd on the dance floor looked like they were having a great time! Best circle pit I've ever seen in there! Xcerts rocked! FFAF sound was pretty poor from where I was standing.
  5. Just about to do pics. I think I'll start it on Ebay at 500.
  6. It's on ebay starting at 600 and is worth 900. Fender Telecaster 1989 Ash Body on eBay, also Fender, Electric, Guitars, Musical Instruments (end time 24-Apr-09 11:56:26 BST) I'll take 575 for it.
  7. I have a mint condition Marshall Master Model Mk2 100W amp head for sale. Looking for a quick sale. I also have a 1989 Fender Telecaster USA with ash body (on ebay just now. Amp is about to go on too)
  8. I'll take the two for 50 each! Nick 07841849218
  9. I've done bands in there before and it's actually pretty decent. We pretty much used the entire dance floor as the stage area. We took in a proper PA and some minimal lighting. You can't use a sound system that is firing in all directions for a band.
  10. For sale is my 1989 Fender Telecaster with Ash body. Will part exchange for decent drum kit. Photos here... MySpace | A Place for Friends
  11. That's insane! I was just talking to him in the Tunnels on Saturday night! Sad times!
  12. It's hard not to make the drums in Moshulu sound like Phil Collins with only 87 people in. It's a big room! Saw Mogwai in Edinburgh and they had a massive reverberant drum sound? Some people like it others don't. The decision is entirely up to the engineer and band as to how it will sound and if the engineer is totally unfamiliar with the bands music then his/hers idea of what the band should sound like may be something totally different to what the fans are looking for. Myspace has been a bit of a revelation for this but quite often, bands recordings are so over produced that they sound nothing like their live set. Engineers are always (or should be) learning about how to mix various types of bands. You can only put it into practice and experiment during a gig though. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don't. Quite often there are things that happen that are completely out of the engineers hands and can completely destroy the sound e.g. guitars so loud that they go straight into the vocal mics, drums too loud and doing the same thing and the most common problem - quiet singers! I got slated on this forum for having too big a reverb on the drums at Danananananakroyd but the TM for the band thought it was great! I'm unfamiliar with their music so obviously I'm going to listen to the people that work with the band. I admit it was far too loud at that gig but it had 2 very loud drummers on stage so it had to be that loud to hear everything else.
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