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  1. It's posted as 4 here and I've told all my friends that. It's now as 5 on facebook. x
  2. Haha good idea. I might start playing a bugle. Or firing a machine gun into the crowd Thanks Chilli x
  3. Haha this is something I would LOVE to be capable of, alas I am blessed with a voice as whispy as a bald mans eye brows. I know bad crowds aren't intrinsic to Aberdeen, I have played to some lovely audiences here. But in my personal experience, out of everywhere I've played, Aberdeen has been the worst (so far) for people being more interested in getting drunk and appearing to be somewhere cool, rather than going for the music. I know I can't appeal to everyone, and guess my music just doesn't appeal to that particular crowd, art gallery tour 2011 methinks x
  4. Esperi is great to watch, I recommend to anyone that hasn't seen him before - to go see him! x
  5. Hey folks, my 2nd EP will be released in Summer. An exclusive listen to "An Affirmation" can be heard here. (1hr 15mins in) BBC - BBC Radio 1 Programmes - BBC Introducing in Scotland with Ally McCrae, Ally takes over England! Amber Wilson | Facebook
  6. I understand love, thanks for the offer. I'll bear you in mind if I need something similar in the future! x
  7. I am needing a drummer to come and play a gig with myself at the St. Magnus Festival in Orkney, on Sunday 19th June. Travel and accomodation will be paid for and a 150 fee will also be offered. Person must be free Saturday 18th, Sunday 19th and Monday 20th June. I'm wanting someone that enjoys my music and has a good sense of humour, as well as being free at least one evening a week for practise. More gigs throughout the UK will be on offer after Summer if all goes well. I will email out some material to anyone who's interested. x
  8. I shall be providing some backing vocals for one or two of Pandas songs and possibly Esperi too x
  9. Reconsidering my first post, (which I wrote in a tired grump, I was extremely excited about the gig but felt that nothing quite went according to plan) I never meant to personally insult anyone or the way they performed their job last night. I know everyone was stressed and did the best they could given the circumstances, (which I'm appreciative of) but the circumstances involving the PA earlier in the day definitely had a knock on effect for everyone involved, it affected my performance. That was all I was trying to explain.
  10. Thanks love, yeah I was aiming for a whole "black cab sessions" kind of live lounge thingy where touring artists/bands would come aboard and play something unique on "The bandwagon" or I would travel to their hotel room etc then I would upload a monthly podcast and have a youtube channel. I've been struggling with how to make it work financially but the advertising is looking like a winner, aswell as possibly having small ads on the podcasts themselves Spotify stylee. x
  11. I agree fully with the rant spoiler Pierre! It's a farce indeed and is certainly not what I signed upto when I applied for the course! The moving caravan may not yield great results, I was inspired by this BLACK CAB SESSIONS I was thinking of it being more of a 'quirk'. I shall be in touch Jim, I am useless at this! xx
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