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  1. This is still for sale But lets say 250 for the lot now? anyone?
  2. i had the same idea, just got a couple from ticketmaster...
  3. Marshall Dsl 401 combo. Great valve amp with a great sound. Goes for 389 new online. It has been gigged and used for recording but Is still in very good condition. Only a year and a bit old. Have a look at the link below for more information. Marshall DSL401 Combo Amp (GAK) I’ll also throw in this 1 x 12 for free. Marshall AVT 112x Sells for 99 online, in a good condition. Again have a look at the link below for more information. Marshall AVT-112 X (GAK) Will sell for 300 e-mail or pm if interested
  4. kenny

    Amp for sale

    i would be tempted to sell if someone was to offer 300
  5. kenny

    Amp for sale

    la la la, this really is a great amp. did i mention that?
  6. kenny

    Amp for sale

    Marshall JCM 2000 DSL-401 (with a free 1x12 extension cab) http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/options.php?id=283 bought from above site for 380 about a year ago. still in great condition. will sell for 350 with a free 1x12 as seen below. http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/options.php?id=274 pm if interested
  7. i'm also a big big fan, on the LaMontagne news front, the new album "till the sun turns black" is out August 29th hear the first single from the record here. www.myspace.com/raylamontagne
  8. posting this for a friend drummers needed for some sort of media stunt / public awareness raising exercise. "the beat goes on" to remind people one year on of the make poverty history campain. Due to take place: sat 8th july 11.30am - 12.30pm (as far as i can make out it'll be outside marks & spencers) please contact j rutherford on: 01224 627132 (day time) or 01224 480654 (evening) by thursday 6th july for more information.
  9. it has now all gone... thank you all for your interest.
  10. just the ac-2 left now... 30 what a bargin
  11. thats the guitar gone too. only the pod and the ac-2 to go. lets drop each of the prices by 10 pod 50 ac-2 30
  12. the alesis photon x25 is now gone...
  13. tonight people, infact is it actually tomorrow if we're on at midnight?
  14. Genevieve will be playing a free show, as part of Go-North, in Kef on thursday on stage @ Midnight. our new Ep will be on sale at this show.
  15. anymore for anymore? maybe time for e bay me thinks
  16. two gold and one red http://www.lacemusic.com/electric_pickups/lace_sensor/lace_sensor_specs.php
  17. ah, 80 i think would be a grand price all round
  18. Alesis photon x25 about 3 months old, only used once. boxed and complete with instuctions etc. £80 pedals boss ac-2 very little use, boxed etc. £40 boss mt-2 again very little use, boxed etc. £30 POD one of the first ones (i think 1.2 or something) works very well, complete with power supply and carycase. £60 Vox one not for sale as i think its busted, (as a side note its a crap pedal). guitar start style guitar, fitted with lace sensor pickups. £125 (the pickups are worth more than that, would be great even for them). e-mail kennygenevieve@btinternet.com or pm
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