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    Here's what I got, and from who, this Christmas: Partner Xmas Eve Johnnie Walker White Walker Whisky GoT "I Drink and I Know Things" Hipflask Xmas Converse x Carhartt WIP One Star (Black) GolfWang Camp Flog Gnaw Tee (Yellow) The Last Of Us OST 12" The Last of Us 2 7" Baby Driver OST 12" Jaffa Cake Scented Woodwick Candle Beard Buddy Shaving Bib Whisky Cooling Stones Calm Room/Linen Spray Parents Xmas Eve Framed Wolverine #47 (Oct 1991 - my birthday) PJ Bottoms Chocolates Xmas Adidas Handball (White/Orange/Gum) Adidas Future Hydro (Green) Carhartt Hoody (Grey) Obey Crewneck (Black) Kamasi Washington - The Epic 12" Boxset Twin Peaks The Return OST 12" Picture Disc Money Sibling/-In-Law Xmas Kashidun Watch Custom Designer Toy (Dunny) Amiibo Grandparent(s) Xmas Bulldog Ultimate Beard Care Kit Chocolate Money Aunts/Uncles Xmas The North Face T-Shirt (Green) Malt Whisky Tasting Selection Money In-Laws Xmas Kraken Rum Money What I bought on Boxing Day: Vans MTE UltraRange (Tan) Fred Perry Crewneck (Blue) Columbia Longsleeve (White) Fila Sports Socks Champion Beanie (Grey) Jeans (Black) Kanye West - Ye 12" Burial - Untrue 12" Vaping Kit (Mod, Coils, E-Liquids and CBD Liquid) Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for your time, see you all on my Birthday. Jaaakkkeee (Formerly JakeBassist) xxx
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    Could you highlight your main present for clarity please.
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