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    https://dirtytrick.bandcamp.com/album/foul-play-ep There you go man, let me know what you think!
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    I'm really liking the new album by Alvvays. It seems to have had pretty mixed reviews but it's just top tunes from start to finish. What else are people looking for?
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    Qualifying bands from the 16 heats:* 900 TNTAlternative psychedelic rock band.- www.facebook.com/Munstertnt/* AUDIOKICKSIndie/alternative rock.- www.facebook.com/Audiokicks/* BROADSEA Alternative post-rock with a dash of spice.- www.facebook.com/broadseaofficial/* CASPER HEYZEUS"Like a bad smell from the 80s", it says here.- www.facebook.com/Casper-heyzeus-447034045484631/* CROOKED LITTLE VEIN Risen from the dead!- www.facebook.com/crookedlittlevein/* DEADLOSS SUPERSTAR A shifting collective of dreamers and miscreants.- www.facebook.com/Deadloss-Superstar-373839512637574/* DIRTY TRICK Hard rock band.- www.facebook.com/DirtyTrickBand/* ECHOTHEFALLEN Dark Metal band from the North East of Scotland.- www.facebook.com/echothefallen/* FOR PONY Pop punk invaders.- www.facebook.com/ForPonyUK/* GYPSY ROOTS Reggae dub, ska, punk, gypsy funk.- www.facebook.com/GyspyRoots/* THE INEVITABLE TEASPOONS A five-piece R&B/rock band.- www.facebook.com/TheInevitableTeaspoons/* KILLER CLYDE Hard rock for your listening pleasure.- www.facebook.com/KillerClyde/* LOA Blending melodic punk with electric folk.- www.facebook.com/aberdeen.loa/* MICHAEL JAMES AND THE BEDHEADSDrinking jars and playing guitars.- www.facebook.com/MichaelJamesAndTheBedheads/* WOLVES IN LEGGINGSRock band on a mission to bring back REAL music!- www.facebook.com/WolvesinLeggings/* WORLDS APARTInfluenced by mod, old school new wave, and indie.- www.facebook.com/worldsapartscotland/* THE ZENITHRock band from Fraserburgh.- www.facebook.com/zenithMSR/
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    How can you not love Garth Crooks?
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